Novel adaptation, screenplay and directed by: Ondrej Spišák
Scenography: František Lipták
Stage: Peter Kostroň
Costumes: Katarína Hollá
Music: Andrej Kalinka
Puppets: Karel Czech
Puppets: Martin Blizniak
Výtvarná spolupráca: Zuzana Formánková
Production: Jana Suraová, Jana Lehotská
Technical cooperation: Radoslav Šabík, Peter Kostroň, Michal Juhás, Ladislav Boroš
Starring: Lukáš Latinák, Róbert Jakab, Marián Miezga, Lukasz Kos, Milan Ondrík, Juraj Kemka/Peter Oszlík, Zuzana Konečná, Agáta Spišáková, Rudo Kratochvíl, Martin Nahálka, Milan Vojtela, Šimon Spišák, Martin Šalacha, Andrej Kalinka, Lucia Korená a Ondrej Spišák

Master and Margarita“ follows more successful plays presented by Teatro Tatro. From „Bianka Braselli, Dame with two heads“ it inherited the atmosphere of a magic panopticum where all is possible while developping into great „the Circus Moscow“. From „Ilja The Prophet“ it adopted the topic of upcoming Apocalypse. From a certain view-point „Master and Margarita“ can be characterised as both free continuation and a flashing point of this „trilogy“.

It was highly challenging and also questionable for Teatro Tatro to be equal to the book – the cult Bulgakov´s novel. How did the Devil, having appeared in the 30s of the last century in Moscow, change and in which manner it influences today´s world? Isn´t today´s world far more diabolic compared to post-revolutionary world of Moscow? And Jesus Christ, does he have any influence nowadays or does he represent only an idealistic prophet, who if living in today´s world, would definitely end up in a madhouse, prison or would die of hunger? Are we afraid of the Last Judgement Day? Is there still love which is so great that even the Devil itself would take a bow? Therefore the romantic line of the plot is our principal dramatisation. The main aim of the performance is to transfer a „simple“ narration of a „mere“ story into a deeper metaphoric world of magic and dreams. In every performance of this play, we would like our tent to be transformed into a laboratory where the answers to the questions tormenting the humanity are sought.

Majster a Margaréta