The actors come to the theatre just before the performance begins. They play their parts. The applause not yet finished, they are already on their way somewhere else. All that is left is just a costume in the dressing room…

It made us angry, we were young and discontent.
We wanted change and created Teatro Tatro.
We planned to involve our families. We wanted to bring our children up in the beautiful environment of The High Tatra Mountains and draw joy from their creativity sparked by ours. That is what gave birth to Teatro Tatro – a partnership of actors, a director, an artist, their wives and children.
We became famous on both sides of the High Tatra Mountains.
But then we got kicked out into the street, and found out we liked it. We enjoyed surprising the unsuspecting passers-by with our performance. We engaged politically and encouraged people to vote. We did “religiously incorrect” folk theatre. We became famous in the streets of Nitra. But after some time, we began to miss the dust of theatre stage. We missed our own theatre hall. The black hole where one can hide from the outside world and meditate through art. Where one can relate intimate stories sitting on a barrel of gunpowder. The dust of the theatre is indeed in a certain concentration more explosive than the gunpowder.
And that is how the Teatro Tatro Club was created.
We still heard the call of the street, but one street was not enough anymore. We wanted to perform on all the streets of the world. We wanted our own wheeled theatre.
So we came up with the Caravan.
We played in Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Italy and France. We wanted to experience the golden age of theatre. The old world, where the theatre was the only attraction that would now and then arrive in the villages and break their mundane stereotypes.
We bought a horse.
We became famous in The Ukraine, Italy and Romania. Then we heard someone say that the Olympic Games in Canada are not all about sports but people do theatre there too.
We created the Magical Theatrical Vending Machine and we impressed Vancouver with our performances. During the 22 years of our existence, many people performed in Teatro Tatro. They all retain respected positions and continue a life long engagement within our theatre. They are members of the family.
/Ondrej Spišák: Teatro Tatro, Family album, 2011/