About us

Teatro Tatro is a free group of actors, directors, artists and theatre enthusiasts.

Teatro Tatro is a live organism, striving for the highest quality of artistic expression. Throughout its history, it has featured more than one hundred Slovak and foreign actors.

TeatroTatro can be characterised as a unique phenomenon in the colourful palette of artistic productions, genres and creative methods while at the same time being a permanent provocateur on the way to a new synthetic theatrical language. Therefore, its principal creative personalities (O. Spišák and F. Lipták) successfully resist to fashionable trends, contemporary habits or servile remakes of „foreign hot tips.“ The two creators (along with excellent actors) live and create while having their feet on the ground. They keep on walking on dusty traces of „low“ acrobatic art while providing their spectators with a constantly new catharsis …

This theatrical group has a wide range of activity – studio performances, street productions, happenings, performances in their own circus tent or a caravan, with which they visited numerous European countries and Canada.